The “More Health for Germany” Initiative: MEDISANA cooperates with HausMed

Neuss, Germany. MEDISANA, the specialist for health care products on the home health care market, is engaged with HausMed, the leading provider for health coaching courses, in the joint “More Health for Germany” Initiative. The initiative aims to promote a more conscious way of living and to improve the quality of life using appropriate products and preventative/treatment interventions.
As part of the initiative, 100,000 customers who purchase a MEDISANA “Connect” product in participating stores from September on will receive a free topically relevant HausMed voucher worth 49 to 99 euros. In doing so, MEDISANA and HausMed are giving away health coaching courses with a total of over six million euros in value.
The voucher for a HausMed health coaching course, included in the “Connect” products at purchase, allows the customer to participate in a certified 12-week coaching course focussing on a certain topic, and, if desired, includes the support of the customer´s own general practitioner. Approx. 3000 general practitioners are currently accredited and support their patients during the course if required. The courses range from programmes such as “Lose weight easier” and “Live more consciously with high blood pressure” to “Living healthily with diabetes”. 124 health insurance companies have already recognised these health coaching courses developed in collaboration with general practitioners and refund the costs for the courses.
The products belonging to the MEDISANA “Connect” series – the Activity Tracker, body analysis scales, heart rate watches and blood pressure monitors – reliably help users manage their individual health and fitness. Depending on the device used, vital signs such as the number of steps taken, heart rate, weight or blood pressure are determined and transferred to the VitaDock+ app on iOS and android devices via Bluetooth® Smart (4.0). VitaDock+ offers features such as daily activity diagrams or a 14-day overview of blood pressure depending on the device used. Vital data can also be saved separate to the device at VitaDock Online, a free online portal developed by MEDISANA, and comfortably viewed as statistics and tables, exported and synchronised with other smartphones or tablets.

The cooperation partner:

HausMed is the leading German provider for online health coaching courses and is part of the Dr. Becker Group, an owner-managed family company with its headquarters in Cologne-Marienburg, Germany. Across Germany, the Dr. Becker Group runs eight rehabilitation centres, three therapy centres and five Vitalis residential homes for the long and short-term care of people of different ages.

MEDISANA AG is the leading specialist in health care on the home health care market. The internationally active company, with its headquarters in Neuss, Germany, was founded in 1982 and has since been developing, producing and marketing quality products for health, wellness and fitness that excel with their high degree of innovation, safe performance, high-quality design and ease of use.

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