Sport heart rate wristband and activity tracker in one: get on the move in Spring with the Mio FUSE from MEDISANA

Neuss (Germany), 27th April 2015. Be fit for the start of Spring – the new Mio FUSE is the perfect training manager for all sports enthusiasts and those who want to become one. With the sport wristband, you can keep track of your daily activity and reach fitness goals with new motivation as movement and fresh air also automatically raise the good-mood barometer.

The latest innovative fitness product from MEDISANA, one of the leading specialists in the home health care market, measures the heart rate directly at the wrist – precisely, straightforwardly and without any annoying chest straps. With its integrated accelerometer, the Mio FUSE determines the number of steps taken, calories burnt, distance covered, speed and pace. The collected data can be transferred to a smartphone using Bluetooth Smart (4.0) or ANT+.

The patented technology of the Mio FUSE has been developed in collaboration with Philips Electronics Technologies Research. Two LED sensors and an electro-optical lens measure the blood flow in the capillaries. The actual heart rate is calculated using complex algorithms based on the pulse´s signal. In comparison to leading heart rate monitor systems with chest straps, Mio FUSE achieves up to 97% ECG accuracy. When switched from the full-day mode to the workout mode, the Mio FUSE allows users to set their normal heart rate range and four further heart rate zones and train within the range desired. Vibratory and LED colour signals inform the athlete if their heart rate drifts out of this range. In addition, the sport wristband possesses an integrated 24-hour clock, a stopwatch with touch function as well as 30 hours of memory with which activity data can be saved and later synchronised with a smartphone.

When combined with the Mio GO App, the Mio FUSE can also take the training experience to a new level. Training results are not just simply recorded, they can be relived in an interactive virtual training session, for example. MIO Go can also be taken outdoors and record the route taken using the positional tracking option. The app also includes a wide range of statistics. The ANT+ or Bluetooth® Smart 4.0 technology integrated into the Mio FUSE enables you additionally connect up with other types of sports equipment such as treadmills and cross-trainers or fitness apps such as Runtastic, Strava, Adidas miCoach, etc.

Mio FUSE has a soft, silicone wristband and is therefore comfortable to wear. It is equipped with a multi-coloured LED display and is charged via a USB-charging dock. Mio FUSE is available in two sizes (S/M = 147-179 mm in turquoise, L = 156-208 mm in red) in stores and at for €149.95 (RRP).

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