Clean air with the MEDISANA AIR room air purifier: greatly beneficial, especially for pollen allergy sufferers

Neuss (Germany), 22nd April 2015. While most people look forward to Spring, an ever-growing portion of the population has mixed feelings when the temperature starts to rise – they suffer from hay fever. Symptoms such as watery eyes, nasal congestion or coughing can greatly affect everyday life in part. During this period, many pollen allergy sufferers can no longer get a decent night’s sleep, work or enjoy their leisure time. A few simple measures, however, can bring some relief to allergy sufferers during the hay fever season. Aside from the traditional recommendations such as paying attention to pollen forecasts or avoiding physical exertion outside, the targeted use of the MEDISANA AIR room air purifier at home or at work, for example, can achieve a great deal. Contaminated, dusty and dirty air indoors affects well-being, health and performance levels.

The MEDISANA AIR frees the room air quietly and effectively from particulates, dust, pollens, odours and bacteria using an antibacterial particulate filter from the company 3M® (F9 > PM2.5) and additional activated carbon filtering. It is able to clean air in rooms of up to 60 square meters living space – whether the living room, bedroom or office – using the convection principle: a 20 square metre room is cleaned once every eight hours, a 60 square metre room once every 24 hours. The MEDISANA AIR room air purifier is easy and intuitive to use: it does not need a switch, consisting only of the basic unit, filter and the removable casing and switches automatically from its day to night functions via an optical sensor, ensuring quiet-as-a-whisper operation at night.

It is easy to read the LED display informing you when the next filter change is pending: blue stands for mild filter contamination (duration approx. 0-2 months), yellow stands for moderate contamination (duration approx. 2-6 months) and red means that the filter has to be changed.

The digital motor guarantees an extra long service life for the MEDISANA AIR. The motor has a three-year manufacturer´s warranty plus a two-year warranty extension when users register online. The room air purifier can also be operated using the supplied power unit and USB cable while keeping energy use in mind. When used continuously, electricity costs are less than 1 cent per day. And it is not only the technical characteristics that are impressive, but also the shape of the MEDISANA AIR: its slender design transforms it into a health and lifestyle product.

The MEDISANA AIR is available in stores and at for €79.95 (RRP).

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