Clean air – live a healthier life thanks to the indoor air purifier MEDISANA AIR: It is a boon, especially for those suffering from allergies and those plagued by hay fever

Neuss, 16-03-2016. While most people look forward to spring, an ever increasing proportion of the population has mixed feelings at the start of the warmer seasons – they suffer from hay fever. Symptoms like watering eyes, a blocked nose or a cough have a serious effect on their everyday lives. Many of those allergic to pollen cannot sleep, work or enjoy their free time properly during this time. However, a few simple measures can give some relief to those affected during the hay fever period. Apart from the familiar classical steps like following the pollen forecast or avoiding physical activity in the open air, a lot more can also be achieved at home or at the workplace, for example, by purposefully using the indoor air purifier MEDISANA AIR. After all, polluted, dusty and foul room air impairs well-being, health and efficacy. Even people without allergies notice it. Such people too often do not want to subject themselves to the ambient influences from the outside within their own four walls.

The MEDISANA AIR silently and effectively cleans the indoor air with an antibacterial fine dust filter from the 3M® company (F9 > PM2.5) and with additional active carbon filtration. It removes fine dust, dust, pollen, odours and bacteria. It is able to clean the air in living areas of up to 60 square metres – whether living rooms, bedrooms or offices – using the convection principle: a 20-square-metre room once every 8 hours, a 60-square-metre room once every 24 hours. The MEDISANA AIR indoor air purifier is easy and intuitive to operate.

The LED indicator conveniently shows when the next filter change is due: Blue stands for a low degree of fouling of the filter (period about 0-2 months). Yellow stands for a medium degree of fouling (period about 2-6 months) and red means a filter change is necessary.

The digital motor guarantees an extra-long life of the MEDISANA AIR. It carries a 3-year manufacturing warranty plus two years of warranty extension with online registration. In addition, the indoor air purifier can be used in an energy-conscious manner using the accompanying power supply and USB cable. With continuous operation, the energy cost is less than a cent a day. In addition, the indoor air purifiercan also be run from a power bank. That is a good option when the MEDISANA AIR is to be placed centrally in the room. And it is not just the technical properties that are impressive – the form of the MEDISANA AIR is too: The slim design makes it a health and lifestyle

The MEDISANA AIR is now available from specialist shops and at for a non-binding recommended price of 79.95 Euro.

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