Be slim for the start of spring with the ViFit Activity Tracker and the body analysis scale TargetScale 2 from MEDISANA

Neuss, Germany. Spring is getting closer – and with spring comes the desire to be fit and slim for the start of the warm season. MEDISANA helps you to put this wish into practice. Not one, but two products from the Neuss specialists for health care motivate you to get active and lose weight: the Activity Tracker ViFit and the body analysis scale TargetScale 2.

The Activity Tracker ViFit from MEDISANA counts every movement you make. This highly sensitive movement sensor registers the number of steps taken, calorie consumption, distance travelled, the total amount of time moved and the percentage of the day´s target reached. ViFit does not even rest at night, measuring the duration and quality of your sleep. The bracelet belonging to the movement sensor has a firm fit, ensuring reliable data collection.
The ViFit Activity Tracker thus provides you with the opportunity to check the quality of your sleep and your personal energy usage. This also motivates you to become more active, motivating you to take the stairs instead of the elevator one more time. It can be easily and discreetly transported in a pocket or clipped onto a waistband, belt or bra.
The MEDISANA body analysis scale TargetScale 2 can show you that the advantages of movement do pay off thanks to its large, interactive matrix screen display with the new firmware update 2.0: it allows you to monitor your personal weight. Three illuminated rings on the scales enable you to monitor your weight visually, similar to a target: the closer the illuminated ring is to the centre, the closer you are to your target weight. Last year, the TargetScale 2 received multiple awards. In addition to measuring weight, the scales determine the Body Mass Index (BMI), the amount of kcal needed per day, the proportion of body fat and water, as well as muscle and bone mass.

The measurement data collected by ViFit and TargetScale 2 can subsequently be transferred and evaluated in VitaDock Online. VitaDock Online is a free online portal developed by MEDISANA to save, retrieve, evaluate and export personal vital signs. In addition to weight and activity data, blood pressure, blood sugar and temperature can be saved in this portal separate to the device and viewed as statistics and tables. Another plus: VitaDock Online also lets users synchronise their own saved data with an iOS or android device using the VitaDock® App. Weight reduction can, so to speak, be managed via a PC, Mac or smartphone.

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