Ensure fresh air and a healthy indoor climate at all times – The humidifiers and the hygrometer from MEDISANA

Neuss, 23-02-2016. A healthy living atmosphere is the basis of our feeling of well-being. Excessively dry room air can increase susceptibility to infections and respiratory disorders & and can result in fatigue and loss of concentration. The air humidifiers and & the new digital thermo-hygrometer from MEDISANA together help you to improve the & room air in no time at all and to do your respiratory system a favour: to that end, the digital thermo-hygrometer determines the current values and the humidifiers optimize it.

With the MEDISANA humidifier AH 662, the humidity of the indoor environment can be set, on an individualised basis, to the personal needs of the user. Atomised to a micro-fine level through modern ultrasonic technology, the saturation of the room air with water can be regulated completely naturally. The result: The mucous membranes are protected from drying out, the eyes and respiratory tract are less irritated and breathing is easier. This increases the general feeling of well-being and sicknesses like colds can be prevented. The operation of the MEDISANA humidifier AH 662 is energy-saving, low-noise and very simple in operation. In addition, the AH 662 humidifier has an aroma compartment for aroma oils. If desired, aromas can be generated with it to match one’s mood.

The humidifier UHW, which was recently a prize-winner in the test carried out by the digital magazine Vergleich.org, works towards improving the respiratory air and also uses ultrasonic technology. The atomising intensity of the humidifier can be regulated in a continuously variable manner. Thanks to its micro-fine atomizing, it has a particularly high level of efficacy, which is quickly tangible. It is low-noise, energy-saving and easy to operate. The MEDISANA UHW humidifier can humidify rooms up to a size of 30 square metres. A very useful feature: As soon as the water tank is empty, the UHW switches off automatically. Especially those prone to allergies suffer from the effects of bad-quality air and the dry  heat from heating systems. Therefore, for such persons, it is particularly helpful if they can customise the air in the room to their personal needs and easily determine the atmospheric humidity level themselves.

The Digital Thermo-Hygrometer HG 100 from MEDISANA suggests itself for determining the interior climate. It always displays the current values of the atmospheric humidity and temperature in the rooms & and is able to store the highest and lowest temperatures. The quality of the climate can be read out easily with the comfort zone indicator: The indicator uses the  popular smiley symbols: The laughing smiley indicates an optimum, healthy living climate while the sad one indicates an unhealthy atmosphere that must be optimised.

The MEDISANA humidifier AH 662 is available for a price of 44.95 Euro, non-binding recommended price, the humidifier  UHW for 59.95 Euro, non-binding recommended price and the hygrometer for 14.95 Euro, non-binding recommended price from specialist stores and at www.medisana.de.

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