Thies G. J. Goldberg appointed as the new Chairman of the MEDISANA Supervisory Board

Hilden, July 7, 2008 – The shareholders of Hilden-based MEDISANA AG virtually unanimously approved all of the items on the agenda at the regular Shareholders’ General Meeting held on June 26, 2008. CEO Ralf Lindner expressed his pleasure that the foundation for the financing of continued growth had been laid with the resolution concerning the authorisation to issue convertible bonds, option bonds, and participatory rights, as well as the resolution concerning the creation of conditional capital.

MEDISANA AG also announced that Dr. Matthias Hartz had relinquished his chairmanship of the Supervisory Board at the Supervisory Board meeting, and had transferred it to his former deputy, Mr Thies G. J. Goldberg. Dr. Heinrich Komesker will become active as the new deputy chairman. Dr. Matthias Hartz will continue to support the company as a member of the Supervisory Board.