It´s time for new year resolutions: enjoy an athletic start to the new year with the PowerRoll from MEDISANA

Neuss, 9th December 2015. Fascia training is the name of the new fitness trend that combines both sport and prevention. It focuses on the stimulation of deep muscles and their connective tissue sheaths, otherwise known as the myofascial tissue, and promotes blood circulation. MEDISANA recommends the PowerRoll with intensive deep vibration for everyone wanting to start the new year with a sporting impetus and do more for themselves. The innovative massage roll assists athletes to build up muscle, and facilitates muscle recovery and regeneration. The MEDISANA PowerRoll combines a pressure massage using the body´s own weight with a vibratory massage that is effective deep into the tissue – an effect that can be felt immediately. There is a reason why more and more Germans are also placing their focus on fascia training.

The special feature of the MEDISANA PowerRoll is its innovative deep-acting vibration. This particularly stimulates myofascial tissue (the deep muscles and their connective tissue sheaths) and promotes circulation. Excessive and asymmetrical loading, for example, often cause painful hardening and tension in exactly these tissues. The MEDISANA PowerRoll helps to prevent muscles from becoming tense in the first place and allows muscles to regenerate at a fast rate.

The PowerRoll can be put straight to work with the help of a clearly laid out training plan. Four programmes have been designed for warming up, building up muscle and muscle regeneration. The exercises target mobility, flexibility, balance and strength. In the enclosed DVD, the experts Svenja Thoes and Andreas Dreitz also explain and demonstrate the exercises in detail. As the massage roll increases blood flow in the muscles, it is also ideal for warming up, and not just training itself. The PowerRoll has four intensity levels to choose from, set using one button only, and allow consumers to adjust the vibration intensity on an individual basis. It comes with two built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and a PowerRoll battery charger.

The PowerRoll is available in specialist stores and at for €99.95 (RRP).

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