Fever thermometer

Article number: 77030

Acoustic signal when ready to measure, when measurement is complete, and in the event of an elevated body temperature

A high temperature is a warning signal from your body that should be recognised and heeded. The FTC thermometer enables you to take precise body temperature measurements in three ways: orally (under the tongue), axillary (under the arm) and rectally (in the anus). The thermometer has a memory function for recording measurements, and displays the last measurement briefly the next time it is switched on.

FTC – optimal price/performance ratio

Product features

  • Precise body temperature measurements: oral, under-arm, rectal
  • Acoustic signal when ready to measure and when measurement is complete
  • Waterproof
  • Acoustic fever alarm
  • Automatic storage of the last reading
  • Switches off automatically after 8 minutes
  • Digital LCD display
  • Simple battery exchange
  • Includes storage box
  • Certified medical device

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