HM 858

Hand massager

Article number: 88292

Intensive, stepless vibration massage

The HM 858 hand massager enables you to combine an intensive vibration massage with the optional infrared and heat features. The vibration loosens the muscles, stimulates blood flow and relaxes tension. The integrated heat feature ensures a pleasant sensation while simultaneously stimulating blood circulation. The various attachments for acupressure and pinpoint massage can be easily interchanged and guarantee a varied massage experience. Thanks to the stepless control, you can adjust the intensity of the massage as required - for straightforward application on all areas of the body.

HM 858 – includes 4 massage attachments

  • Pleasant vibration massage
  • Stepless adjustment of massage intensity
  • Optional infrared and heat settings
  • Various massage attachments: Acupressure and pinpoint massage
  • Easy to use thanks to its ergonomic shape
  • Non-slip handle
  • Extra long cable

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