LC 870

Electric lice comb

Article number: 41019

With integrated LED light

Head lice can’t jump, they climb. They can therefore only be spread when we touch heads or hair. For many children, the next step is an unpleasant de-lousing procedure with chemical agents or the painful employment of a lice comb to comb the lice out. The LC 860 electric lice comb provides an alternative remedy, gently removing head lice and nits from the hair by killing them with an electrical impulse when they come into contact with the comb. The integrated LED light facilitates the detection and removal of lice. Also suitable for use on dogs and cats!

LC 870 – hair-friendly treatment

  • Integrated LED light facilitates the detection and removal of lice
  • Simple combing removes head lice and nits
  • No side effects, as no chemical agents are used
  • Also suitable for cats and dogs
  • When lice come into contact with the comb’s teeth, they are killed by an electrical pulse

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