A sporty, well-toned body thanks to the new EMS Body Trainer by MEDISANA

Neuss, 1 June 2018. Especially in spring and summer, a lot of people want to do something more for their body and their good figure. There is a new training companion for all those who are specifically concerned about their musculature and want to build it up effectively: the new Medisana EMS Body Trainer stands for efficient muscle training. It works with EMS stimulation (EMS = electric muscle stimulation) and therefore supports the targeted development of muscle parts in the abdomen, upper arms and legs – very quickly and effectively.

Electro-stimulation has its origins in physiotherapy. It is used as a rehabilitation measure when targeted muscle building is needed, such as after injuries. Electrodes on the skin specifically stimulate the muscles, without them having to be actively moved. The training program of the EMS Body Trainer consists of the three areas of massage, acupuncture and tapping. The entire set includes three controllers with a pad for the stomach muscles and two pads for the upper arms or legs. The respective intensity can be adjusted to 15 different levels. After 23 minutes, the EMS Body Trainer, which is also impressive due to its modern and sporty design, switches off automatically.

With the new EMS Body Trainer, Medisana, a leading specialist in the home health care market, is further expanding its sports and fitness portfolio with another future-oriented product. The EMS Body Trainer by MEDISANA is available for a suggested retail price of 59.95 Euro in specialist shops as well as at www.medisana.de.

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