Clean air thanks to the MEDISANA AIR room air cleaner: A true blessing not just for allergy and hay fever sufferers

Neuss, March 31, 2017. While most people are looking forward to spring, an ever-increasing number of the population is facing the start of the warmer season with mixed feelings - because they suffer from hay fever. Symptoms such as watery eyes, blocked nose or coughing sometimes massively impedes everyday life. Many pollen allergists are not able to sleep, work or enjoy their leisure time properly during this time. However, some simple measures can provide some relief for allergic persons during the hay fever season. Apart from the classics, such as the observation of the pollen flight prediction or the avoidance of physical exertion in the open air, it is possible to achieve a lot at home or at the workplace, for example, through a targeted use of the MEDISANA AIR room air cleaner. Because contaminated, dusty and dirty air adversely influences well-being, health and the performance capability. This is also noticed by people without allergies. Even in their own homes they often do not want to be exposed to the external environmental influences.

The MEDISANA AIR cleans the room air effectively with an anti-bacterial fine dust filter from 3M® (F9> PM2.5) and an additional activated carbon filtration, while at the same time quietly cleaning the air from fine-dust, pollen, dust, odours and bacteria. It is able to clean the air in residential rooms with up to 60 square meters -whether it's in the living room, bedroom or the office - through the convection principle: a 20 square-meter room once every eight, and a 60 square-meter room once in 24 hours. Thereby, the MEDISANA AIR room air purifier can be operated easily and intuitively. And it's not just the technical features that are impressive, shape of the MEDISANA AIR is also highly appealing: The elegant and sleek design makes it a trendy health and lifestyle product.

The MEDISANA AIR is available from specialist retailers, and at for EURO 79.95 (MSRP).

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