Connected Health – New health opportunities thanks to MEDISANA’s smart, networked Connect range

Neuss, 15.05.2019. Knowledge keeps you healthy. The technological capabilities of the Connected Health range provide us with new breakthroughs in health knowledge. Thanks to the new smart products now available, we are able to view and analyse our health data wherever we are. Digitisation and constant access to our own vital signs, enabled by a range of smart, compatible products compiled into an app, play a central role in the monitoring and optimisation of each individual’s health status.

It has never been so easy to keep an eye on your own health. Not long ago it sounded like a vision of the future; today, it’s an integral part of our everyday lives. MEDISANA is a pioneer in mobile health solutions, setting new standards with its range of smart, networked Connect products. In keeping with the global trend towards self-improvement and focus on health and well-being, Medisana offers tailor-made products for people with ongoing health issues and the elderly, as well as for young, healthy people. Young people should also measure their blood pressure regularly, for example, so that they know their own baseline values ​​and can react promptly in the event of deviations. Such deviations cannot be determined from a single measurement, but only when you take a series of measurements.

Medisana Connect’s upper arm blood pressure monitors, such as the BU 540 connect, can help with this. They offer precise blood pressure measurements on the upper arm. The BU 540 connect has an arrhythmia display, and is easy to read thanks to the extra-large numbers and buttons, meaning it is also ideal for older age groups. The readings are classified using a colour-coded traffic-light scale in accordance with the WHO’s evaluation system (World Health Organisation). The display shows systolic and diastolic values, pulse rate, and the date and time. Two users can simultaneously store up to 250 readings each, while the fresh design and attractive price round off the device’s advantages.

Body analysis scales are a helpful tool in pursuing health or athletic goals, such as losing weight, reducing body fat, or building muscle mass. The Medisana Connect range offers various body analysis scales, such as the BS 450 connect body analysis scales: not only do the ITO electrodes measure weight, but also body fat, body fluid, muscle content and bone weight. The BS 450 connect is available in two great designs – choose from black or purist white. In addition to the automatic analysis of up to eight users, the scales can also determine BMI values, and offer an integrated calorie requirement analysis (BMR).

In order to keep up-to-date with users’ health and sports data, or to monitor overall increase in performance, there are also pulseoxymeters (for example, to check oxygen saturation when mountaineering) as well as the popular activity trackers. Highly sensitive motion sensors measure every movement and count every calorie consumed. Users can focus on their athletic goals while the activity trackers capture everything else.

Medisana’s smart, mobile health products provide an interface between medicine and modern lifestyles. Particularly in the field of personal health monitoring, they guarantee improved mobility, flexibility, independence and safety. All Medisana Connect products transmit their data via Bluetooth® 4.0 to the prize-winning VitaDock+ health app for iOS and Android, as well as to VitaDock Online. In just one app, users can access their vital sign measurements, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, sleep and activity, anywhere, anytime, and can track their measurements over time in the form of easy-to-understand graphs. The MEDISANA VitaDock+ app thus allows people to monitor and take responsibility for their own health, and gives individuals more freedom to consciously adapt to their own bodies.



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