Head into the allergy season with medisana’s compact IN 530 and IN 605 inhalers - also perfect for when you’re out and about

Neuss, 24.05.2022. Coughing fits, shortness of breath, and then there’s the dreaded asthma attacks. Anyone who suffers from bronchial asthma knows what this means and how much it can limit normal everyday life. While the majority look forward to the warmer weather, an increasing number of people regard the arrival of spring with mixed feelings – because it marks the beginning of a season of suffering. Symptoms such as watery eyes, a blocked nose or cough can have a massive impact on your everyday life. Many pollen allergy sufferers are no longer able to sleep, work or enjoy their leisure time properly. But even a few simple measures, such as regularly using an inhaler, can provide relief for those affected by spring and summer allergies. The targeted use of inhalers helps to clear your airways, thus effectively reducing allergy symptoms, including when you’re out and about. Because thanks to their rechargeable batteries, medisana’s powerful IN 530 and IN 605 inhalers are also perfect for using when you’re on the go.

They offer targeted treatment for diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract. In addition to asthma and colds, this also includes allergy-related breathing difficulties. The compact inhalers can be used to inhale various aerosols, which moisten the irritated mucous membranes, thus carrying away allergens and facilitating the typical coughing process. Medically prescribed inhalation solutions can also be used for the targeted treatment of certain diseases. The big advantage of this therapy is that the medication is rapidly administered exactly where its effect is needed, from the nose and throat to the lungs.

Thanks to their innovative micro-compressor technology, medisana’s IN 530 and IN 605 inhalers have a high degree of efficiency, and are particularly effective due to their high proportion of respirable aerosols. Their compact, lightweight design makes them easy to use. They also score points with their low-noise nebulisation, as well as the automatic shutdown feature which kicks in when the active ingredient tank is empty. The IN 605 inhaler, which recently received the Plus X Award in the categories of high quality, design and ease of use, also has a clear 4-LED battery charge indicator and micro-USB port.

All medisana inhalers are certified medical devices that are subject to strict requirements and regular inspections. They are equipped with a wide range of accessories. Depending on the model, in addition to the atomiser bottle, air hose and replacement filter, delivery also includes an adult-sized mask, a child-sized mask, an angled mouthpiece, a nose adapter and a practical storage pouch or bag. A baby mask is also included in delivery with the IN 605 inhaler. Inhalation can be successfully achieved with either the mask or the mouthpiece, meaning that the inhalers are also suitable for use by children.

The medisana IN 530 inhaler is available in specialist retail stores and at www.medisana.de for the price of € 109.95 RRP. The medisana IN 605 inhaler is available from the same outlets for the price of € 129.95 RRP.

medisana is one of the leading specialists in the home healthcare market. For over 40 years, the German company has been committed to people’s health with the motto “Your health in good hands”. medisana is a pioneer in the trend of mobile health management and provides future-oriented products for modern everyday life in an increasingly networked world. The Neuss-based company is one of the leading manufacturers in the massage sector. medisana develops, markets and sells products related to mobile health, health monitoring, wellness, personal care, therapy and healthy homes to health-conscious consumers around the world.

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