Self-determined living for the elderly: the medisana temi home care robot is a digital assistant for seniors in their everyday lives

  • Simple operation of medisana temi via voice command

  • Home Care Robots provide older people with easy access to digital services

  • Emergency function creates greater safety for those affected and their relatives

As the population ages, seniors stay healthy longer and want to live independently at home. Digital services provide help and make everyday life easier. The medisana temi home care robot provides safety, communication and entertainment with artificial intelligence and offers the older generation easy access to the digital world.

Neuss, 10/07/2019. Robotics and AI have the potential to change our everyday lives in the long term - and this development has already begun in many areas. In industry, for example, robots are already being used to assemble cars. And in medical image processing, AI already recognizes tumours better than most doctors can. The older generation, the so-called ‘Silver Society’, can also benefit from digital services, AI and robotics in their everyday lives. Today, people are not only getting older, they are also staying healthy longer and want to live independently within their own four walls for as long as possible. Whereas, in 1960, the proportion of over-65s in the Federal Republic of Germany was just 12 percent, it had risen to 21 percent by 2017, and forecasts predict an increase to 29 percent by 2040 - in other words, almost every third citizen.

Uncomplicated operation - also for senior citizens

Health monitoring, preventive healthcare and more independence in your own four walls: The medisana temi home care robot offers a multitude of features and functions that help people to live a self-determined life in old age. Thanks to its video-oriented Home Care AI, it is able to interact with its users and navigate autonomously through the home. The robot constantly learns new things. The home care robot is operated either by its touch display or voice command and is intuitive and self-explanatory. In this way, medisana temi also provides older people with uncomplicated access to digital services.

The control via the Alexa language assistant particularly addresses challenges such as reduced mobility or impaired motor skills in old age. This is because vision usually decreases with increasing age. And a tremor of the hands often impairs the operation of technical devices such as smartphones and the like by the elderly. Thanks to mobility, self-learning AI and simple voice navigation, medisana temi is always there where it is needed.

Prevention of social isolation with digital services

By integrating Amazon's Alexa, the home care robot can be connected with compatible smart home devices to make the everyday lives of seniors easier. Whether switching the light on and off, regulating the heating temperature or setting the alarm system - the cloud-based Alexa Voice Service now has around 3,000 skills that can be used with barrier-free activation by voice commands. In combination with the voice assistant, the user interface and video telephony simplify contact with family and friends and prevent social isolation. medisana temi also has the ability to play music and films and thus provide entertainment. ‘A key issue for us in the development phase was counteracting social isolation and loneliness. medisana temi enables people to spend more time with their loved ones or with the things they enjoy,’ says Rafael Aviram, CEO of meditemi and Vice President Marketing & Innovation at medisana GmbH.

More security in your own home

medisana temi is also a practical assistant for health monitoring. Regular monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse rate or oxygen saturation is especially important for elderly people, so that in the event of deviating values, corresponding measures can be taken. The VitaDock+ app integrated into the home care robot is compatible with all medisana Connect devices, records all measured values and reports when they are in the critical range. If a measurement is forgotten, medisana temi reminds you. And, on request, medisana temi sends the values directly to the family physician or relatives. In the future, it is also planned to add a telemedicine function to the home care robot so that users can contact their physician directly if necessary.

In addition, medisana temi ensures greater safety for senior citizens living at home. In an emergency, the user can also notify relatives by voice command or touch control. From 2020, medisana is also planning a further additional function: if nobody is reachable, medisana temi will then forward the emergency call to an emergency manager. From here, the emergency services are supplied with all relevant information such as the location and health data.

medisana temi also offers greater peace of mind for relatives of elderly people. In case of doubt, for example if calls are not answered for a longer period of time and there is cause for concern, up to four authorized persons, nursing staff or family members, can use the video function to review the situation and navigate the robot around the home. ‘With medisana temi, seniors are never alone and can live independently and autonomously in old age. In this way, the home care robot makes an important contribution to overcoming the challenges of an ageing society,’ says Ulrich Schulze Althoff, Vice President Business Development of meditemi und Chief Digital Officer at medisana GmbH.


The medisana temi home care robot was created in the joint venture meditemi, founded by the healthcare specialist medisana and temi, a robotics startup headquartered in New York.

Medisana is one of the leading specialists in healthcare. The company works continuously on the further development, production and marketing of healthcare products for end consumers. Temi has already developed a lifestyle robot, which the company currently markets around the world. temi was founded in 2016 by its CEO Yossi Wolf. Today, temi is a global enterprise with offices in Shenzhen, China, New York (marketing & sales), Tel Aviv (research & development) and Singapore. Prominent key players like former CTO of Alibaba John Wu, Generali Investments or the Ogawa Smart Healthcare Technology Group Co. Ltd., one of the world's leading manufacturers of healthcare and massage products, have invested in temi.


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