medisana presents an innovative new product: The contour Shiatsu massage cushion CL 300 with “Ergonomic Flex Technology”

Neuss, 19.08.2021. As a result of too little movement and incorrect sitting posture, more and more people are affected by persistent tension. With the new CL 300 Contour Shiatsu-Massage cushion medisana, as one of the leading specialists in the field of massage, is launching a product with a completely new type of massage technology. Thanks to its innovative “Ergonomic Flex Technology”, its flexible cushioning ensures that the cushion adapts individually to the body contours of the user and is particularly gentle on the spine and back. The massage is thereby much better absorbed by the muscles and tensions can be released effectively.

For most electric massage cushions with commercially available technology, the muscles must adapt to the cushion. The new medisana CL 300 contour Shiatsu massage cushion, on the other hand, provides a particularly ergonomic and gentle Shiatsu massage. Thanks to its flexible cushion shape, it adapts to different areas of the body. Therefore, it is not only perfectly suitable for tension in the entire back area, but can also be used in a multi-function way in the shoulder and neck area or on the thighs and calves. Four rotating massage heads with automatically changing direction of rotation ensure pleasant relaxation and well-being for the entire body. A switchable red light and heat function supports the massage effect and allows the tense parts of the body to relax.

The CL 300 contour Shiatsu massage cushion also convinces in its use: With the help of the integrated “One Touch” control panel, it can be operated very easily with just a push of a button. The small and handy design as well as the practical straps on the back ensure optimum fixing and handling during the massage. Even before the official launch, medisana submitted the CL 300 contour Shiatsu massage cushion to the renowned Plus X Award and is delighted to have received the award in the categories “High Quality, Design, Functionality and Ergonomics”. The Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation prize for technology, sport, and lifestyle products. This is represented by more than 700 participating international brands, the international and independent specialist judges from over 80 industries, as well as the 23 strategic partners involved in the competition. The Plus X Award is given for new and innovative technologies, extraordinary designs, and intelligent, easy-to-use operating systems. Thanks to this concept, the Plus X Award maintains its high reputation across all industries as a credible seal of quality.

medisana is one of the leading specialists in the home healthcare market. For over 35 years, the German company has been dedicated to the health of people with the motto “Your health in good hands.” medisana is a pioneer in the trend of mobile health management and provides future-oriented products for modern everyday life in an increasingly networked world. The company from Neuss is one of the leading manufacturers in the massage sector. medisana develops, markets and sells products in the categories of mobile health, health control, wellness, sport, body care, therapy and healthy home for health-conscious consumers worldwide.

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