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Your health in good hands

medisana is one of the leading specialists in the home healthcare market. For around 40 years, we have been committed to people’s health with the motto „Your health in good hands“. We are continuously working on the further development and manufacture of health products for end users, so that these products can help increasing numbers of people to monitor and improve their own health in a reliable, autonomous manner, to undertake risk-free self-treatments and to actively promote their own well-being. medisana is a pioneer in the trend of mobile health management and provides future-oriented products for modern everyday life in an increasingly networked world.

At medisana, our challenging goal is to promote people’s health, and to do so we have put an expert team in place. Our team members are characterised by their high degree of experience, internationalism, enthusiasm for technology, creativity and motivation, as well as their great team spirit. medisana International documents our limitless activities in product development and sales. In recent years, we have made use of the global market’s resources to build up an international corporate structure with subsidiaries, licensing partners and sales customers – a healthy company with growth potential. Get in touch if you want to find out more about medisana!


  • Amy Chen
    Amy Chen

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Thomas Hollefeld
    Thomas Hollefeld

    Managing Director EMEA

  • Kwok Shing Ng
    Kwok Shing Ng

    Managing Director & Group CFO

  • Herman So
    Herman So

    Finance & Operations Director EMEA

Medisana International


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The topic of health is a common thread that runs through every area of our company.

We develop special products for health-conscious people who expect safe, reliable operation, absolute tolerance, high-quality design and ease of use. And we consistently maintain these high standards:


In every sense of the word! We ensure the high manufacturing quality of our products through extensive ongoing inspections. When developing our products, we also ensure that they fulfil the criteria of the World Health Organization and are eligible for certification pursuant to the German Medical Devices Act (Medizinproduktegesetz).


Our products are characterised by their extensive features and market-leading technical specifications. It goes without saying that the necessary accessories are always included in delivery.


There are no side effects when using our products – for safe, risk-free health monitoring and self-treatment!


Taking care of your health should also be enjoyable. This is why we think carefully about the design of our products, and the importance of combining design with functionality.


Our products are easy and safe to use. Comprehensive instruction manuals explain how to use our medical devices, as well as detailing their medical and health background.


Our customers should be able to rely on us. This is why our products include at least a 3-year warranty as a matter of course.


Trained consultants will be happy to answer your questions about our medical devices. And our qualified sales staff with many years of experience in the home healthcare market are on hand to support our retail partners.