AH 670


Article number: 60054

With optional LED illumination

If the air in your home is too dry or too humid, this can cause discomfort and in the long term may lead to health issues. The AH 670 humidifier increases the feeling of well-being within your own four walls. It improves the quality of the ambient air using ultrasound technology, and ensures a pleasant atmosphere with an optional LED wellness light. For further relaxation, you can also add various aromatic oils to the humidifier.

AH 670 – with LED wellness light

  • Humidifier with ultrasound technology for improving ambient air quality
  • Remote control for smart operation
  • Optional LED illumination
  • Aromatherapy compartment for the use of scented oils
  • Automatic switch-off when tank is empty
  • Whisper-quiet and energy-saving
  • Two 360° adjustable outlets
  • 1,800 ml water tank
  • 1/2/4-hour timer feature
  • Highly effective thanks to micro-fine atomisation
  • Includes water filter

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