On the occasion of the IFA 2018, we have compiled all press releases of MEDISANA and HoMedics. You can find all press information below.


Medisana_PM_New connect series

Image material_Connect (ZIP, 5,38 MB)


Medisana_PM_BPM BU 535 Voice

Image material_BPM BU 535 voice (ZIP, 1,22 MB)


Medisana_PM_New scales assortment

Image material_New scales assortment (ZIP, 8,44 MB)


Medisana_PM_New fitness devices

Image material_New Fitness devices (ZIP, 8,65 MB)


Medisana_PM_Massage innovations

Image material_Massage innovations (ZIP, 9,60 MB)


Medisana_PM_Innovations healthy home

Image material_Innovations healthy home (ZIP, 3,88 MB)


Medisana_PM_Aroma Diffusors

Image material_Aroma Diffusors (ZIP, 3,28 MB)


Medisana_PM_LED light therapy pen

Image material_Light therapy pen DC 300 (ZIP, 2,46 MB)


HoMedics_PM_Virtual Reality Massage

Image material_HoMedics Virtual Reality Massage (ZIP, 1,88 MB)